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Tuula Gordon: Unverheiratete Frauen in London, San Francisco und Helsinki

  • Kurzbiographie

    • 1952 in Finnland geboren
    • 1994 Buch "Single Women"
    • Dozentin für Soziologie an der University of Helsinki

Tuula Gordon in ihrer eigenen Schreibe


GORDON, Tuula (1994) Single Women and Familism: Challenge from the Margins, in: The European Journal of Women's Studies, Vol. 1, No. 2, S. 165-182

GORDON, Tuula (2002) Single Women.
In: Griffin, Gabriele & Braidotti, Rosi (Hg.) Thinking Differently: A Reader in European Women's Studies. London & New York: Zed Books, S. 49-62


Single Women (1994).
On the Margins?
London: Macmillan & New York: New York University Press



"Women have always been defined in relation to men. Single women have been represented both as 'old maids' (who could not get a man), and as 'city singles' (who do not want a man). Both stereotypes potentially marginalise single women in family-centred societies. But there is also increasing diversity in family and household formations: people shift in and out of traditional categories - they marry, divorce, cohabit, remarry.

This book explores both continuities and changes in the position of single women - unmarried and divorced, heterosexual and lesbian - with different social and ethnic backgrounds. Through interviews with a heterogeneous group of 72 women in three metropolitan areas - London, San Francisco and Helsinki - where singleness should be realatively easy, Tuula Gordon explores such questions as: What pleasures and gains does singlehood bring? Is singleness chosen or not? What difficulties are attached to living outside marriage? Their views and reflections of work, home, friends, families, marriage, loneliness, intimacy and sexuality provide rich material to illustrate the heterogeity of single women today. Their struggles to establisch autonomy and independence are analysed; single women are learning a 'new script'."




1 From spinsters to singles

Spinsters in the nineteenth century
Unmarried women in the 1950s
Single women in the 1980s
The problem of categories

2 Individuality, autonomy and women

3 The making of a "single woman"

Conception of self as single?
Singleness as a choice?
Voluntary singles?
Who becomes single?
Childhood hopes
Messages received
Mother and father

4 Excursion into the public sphere

5 Excursion into the private sphere

6 Partnerships and sexuality

7 On being single

8 Independence

9 Marginality



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