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Bram Buunk: Variant Lifestyles and Relationships


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Variant Lifestyles and Relationships (1989)
London u.a. : Sage Publications




1 Marriage, Family, and Variant Lifestyles: Persistence and Chance

Marriage: Criticism and Alternatives
Impact Upon Society
Variant Lifestyles and Relationships
Review Questions
Suggested Projects

2 Singlehood

Defining Singlehood
Societal Context

Incidence in Society
Attitudes in Society

Varieties of the Single Life

Stability and Volutariness

1) Voluntary and temporary singles
2) Voluntary and stable singles
3) Involuntary temporary singles
4) Involuntary stable singles

Sexual Lifestyles

1) Celibacy
2) Casual sex
3) Sexually exclusive relationships
4) Sexually nonexclusive relationships

Characteristics of Singles
Becoming and Staying Single
Health, Well-Being, and Loneliness
Review Questions
Suggested Projects

3 Nonmarital Cohabitation

Defining Nonmarital Cohabitation
Societal Context
Varieties of Nonmarital Cohabitation
Characteristics of Cohabitors
The Pushes and Pulls of Cohabitation
Features of the Cohabiting Relationship
Effects of Cohabitation Upon Marriage
Review Questions
Suggested Projects

4 Gay and Lesbian Lifestyles and Relationships



Gegenstandsbereich: Singlehood

"those unmarried individuals who do not cohabit with an intimate partner, although they may share a residence with a friend, children, or relatives, and may have a more or less stable intimate relationship with someone living elsewhere (...). Furthermore, we limit this chapter primarily to heterosexual singles (...). We also refrain from paying particular attention to older singles (...). Finally, the issue of single-parent families is (...) not dealt with specifically in this book, although many of the issues discussed here apply to single parents as well." (S.22f.)



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