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Jenny De Jong-Gierveld: Loneliness

  • Kurzbiographie

    • 1938 geboren
    • 1984 Buch "Eenzaamheid"
    • Professorin am Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS)

Jenny De Jong-Gierveld in ihrer eigenen Schreibe


DE JONG-GIERVELD, Jenny & Monique AALBERTS (1980): Singlehood.
A creative or a lonely experience?
in: Alternative Lifestyles, 3, 3, S. 350-368

DE JONG-GIERVELD, Jenny & Jos RAADSCHELDERS (1982): Types of Loneliness,
in: L.A. Peplau & D. Perlman (Hg.) Lineliness: A sourcebook of current theory, research and therapy, New York: John Wiley, S. 105-119

DE JONG GIERVELD, Jenny (1987): Developing and testing a model of loneliness, in: Journal of Personality and Social psychology, 53, S.119-128

DE JONG GIERVELD, Jenny (1998): A review of loneliness; concept and definitions, determinants and consequences,
in: Reviews in Clinical Gerontology, 8 (1), S. 73-80


Jenny De Jong-Gierveld im Gespräch

fehlt noch

Singlehood. A creative or a lonely experience?



"Singles are described as persons living alone or forming a household on their own" (1980, S. 350)

Definition: creative single

"unmarried or divorced people between 25-55 years of age and living alone (...) who did not agree with the statements of the scale »feelings of deprivation concerning a partner«". (1980, S.360)

Ergebnisse der Untersuchung

"women living alone tend to value their situation more positively than men living alone." (1980, S.360)

"We agree with Libby (1977) and Adams (1976) that it is possible to recognize creative singles (who give a positive meaning to singlehood, in comparison with other singles to whom singlehood is, in the first place, a lonely experience)" (1980, S.366)


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