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Barbara Dafoe Whitehead: Die neue Singlefrau in der Sicht einer renitenten Befürworterin der bürgerlichen Ehe


Barbara Dafoe Whitehead in ihrer eigenen Schreibe


Barbara Dafoe Whitehead im Gespräch

  • STOSSEL, Sage (2002): In Search of Mr. Right.
    Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, the author of Why There Are No Good Men Left, discusses the challenges facing today's single women, and argues thatthe contemporary courtship system needs to be transformed,
    in: Atlantic Unbound v. 18.12.

Why There Are No Good Men Left (2002).
The Romantic Plight of the New Single Woman
New York: Broadway Books



"A double revolution is at work in modern American love: A revolution in higher education has created the most professionally accomplished and independent generation of young women in history, and a revolution in mating has created a prolonged and perplexing search for Mr. Right. Based on extensive research and interviews, Why There Are No Good Men Left explores the romantic plight of this high-status woman with findings that are sure to rouse debate.
Cultural historian, Barbara Dafoe Whitehead documents the new social climate in which the demands of work, the epidemic of cohabitation, the disappearance of courtship, and the exacting standards of educated women are leading them to stay single longer–and to find the search for a mate even harder when the time is right. From the frontlines of college, where dating is dead, to the trenches of corporate solitude, Whitehead reports on a wholesale shift that has stacked the marriage deck against the best and brightest women.
The thirty-something, perplexed single woman is today’s new cultural icon. Why There Are No Good Men Left is (...) analyzing where she came from and to ask how she can realize her dreams of lasting love."

  • Das Buch in der Debatte

    • COMBE, Rachel (2002): My Prince will come.
      Are all the good men taken? A scary new book warns that delaying marriage may mean missing out on it. Rachel Combe explains why you shouldn't worry,
      in: Elle, Dezember
      • Inhalt:
        Rachel COMBE beschreibt zuerst die Zielgruppe des Buches (unverheiratete, gut gebildete, erfolgreiche 20-40jährige Frauen kurz: NSWs für New Single Women) und rät dann den Lesern von ELLE mit einer einsichtigen Argumentation vom Kauf des Buches ab:

        "Whitehead believes that many men are not interested in marriage anymore. They can get sex and companionship without a ring, she says, both from women willing to co-habit with them and women who, as Whitehead puts it, »behave like sexual dairy queens«—as in, they give the milk away for free, so why would the guy buy the cow? Get it? You’re the cow."
    • Neu:
      GIBSON, Fiona (2002): Get a life, get off that shelf.
      A new book arguing that women should hurry to marry has split America. But what if Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Not Quite?,
      in: The Observer v. 08.12.

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