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Benjamin Nugent: American Nerd


Benjamin Nugent in seiner eigenen Schreibe


Benjamin Nugent: Porträts und Gespräche

  • LOEB, Eryn (2008): The beauty of the geek.
    Are nerds born or are they made? The author of "American Nerd" discusses the history of the geek, from greasy-haired overachiever to Dungeons & Dragons lover to blogging hipster,
    in: salon.com v. 20.05.

Benjamin Nugent in der Debatte

  • Neu:
    VASEK, Thomas (2010): Die Rache der Nerds.
    Sie ernähren sich von kalter Pizza, stehen auf Rollenspiele und haben schon in der Schule kein Mädchen abgekriegt - so viel zum Klischee. Dabei hätten Nerds einiges zu bieten,
    in: brand eins, Nr.4, April

American Nerd (2008).
The Story of My People
Simon & Schuster



"Most people know a nerd when they see one but can't define just what a nerd is. American Nerd: The Story of My People gives us the history of the concept of nerdiness and of the subcultures we consider nerdy. What makes Dr. Frankenstein the archetypal nerd? Where did the modern jock come from? When and how did being a self-described nerd become trendy? As the nerd emerged, vaguely formed, in the nineteenth century, and popped up again and again in college humor journals and sketch comedy, our culture obsessed over the designation.

Mixing research and reportage with autobiography, critically acclaimed writer Benjamin Nugent embarks on a fact-finding mission of the most entertaining variety. He seeks the best definition of nerd and illuminates the common ground between nerd subcultures that might seem unrelated: high-school debate team kids and ham radio enthusiasts, medieval reenactors and pro-circuit Halo players. Why do the same people who like to work with computers also enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons? How are those activities similar? This clever, enlightening book will appeal to the nerd (and antinerd) that lives inside all of us."


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