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Leonard Cargan: Single-Stereotypen in den USA


Leonard Cargan in seiner eigenen Schreibe


CARGAN, Leonard (1981): Singles: An Examination of Two Stereotypes,
in: Family Relations, 30, S.377-385

CARGAN, Leonard (1986): Stereotypes of singles: A cross-cultural comparison,
in: International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 27, 3, S. 200-208


Singles (1982).
Myths and realities
(Zusammen mit Matthew Melko)
Beverly Hills: Sage



I Introduction

1 Beeing Single on Noah's Ark

Singles in the World of the Married
A Comparative Study of Singles and Marrieds

II American Singles Through the Century

2 The Increase in Singles: 1960 - 1979

The Fall and Rise of Singles
Are the Never Married Really Not-Yet Married?
Many Are Divorced, but There Are Not Many Divorced
The Waning of Widowhood
Demography or Mores?

3 Changes in Awareness: 1900 - 1975

Goodbye to "Spinsters"
Increasing Interest in Singles
Mate Finding in America
Making the Best of Being Single
Daily Life Among American Singles

4 Behind the Titles: A Thematic Review

Fourteen Themes
Singles in the Seventies
The Fifties: Singles Were Second Best
A Spinster in the Thirties
An Old Maid During World War I
How the Themes Have Changed
Were the Seventies Different?

III Single and Married Lifestyles

5 Singles and Their Parents

Stringers and Swingers
Remembrance of Things Past
Current Relations with Relatives
No Strings Attached
Profile: Family Background

6 The Use of Leisure Time

Who Has Time for a Nice Time?
Where Shall We Go?
What Shapes the Choices?
Work, Education, and Income
Work and Leisure
Profile: The Roamers

7 Sex in the Single's World

No Matter What, It's Wrong
Swing Your Partner
Several Times a Week
Love and Satisfaction
The Swinger Image
Profile: The Sexually Satisfied

IV Single and Married Outlooks

8 Loneliness: The Great Bugaboo

Are Singles Deviant?
Lonely Acts
Being Alone
The Loneliness of the Divorced
Profile: The Lonely Person

9 In Sickness and in Health

Is Singlehood Dangerous to Your Health?
Physical Symptoms
Mental Health
The Use of Drugs
Death and the Single

10 Is Marriage Good for Men, Bad for Women?

Stress for All
Divorced Men and Women
Profile: Sickness and Health

11 The Pursuit of Happiness

What Is Important?
The Extent of Happiness
Who Is Happier?
Profile: The Happy Person

12 Five Years from Now

Visions of Future Marriage
I'll Still Be Single
Is Marriage Natural?
Marriage: Past and Future

V Assessments and Projections

13 Myths and Realities


14 Where Do We Go from Here?

What Next?
What Now?

Stimmen zum Buch

"The biggest problem with the book is the categories. »Singles« and »marrieds« are subdivided into two categories each, Singles includes the never-married and the divorced; marrieds includes the once-married and the remaried. It becomes impossible for the authors to talk about »singles« vs. »marrieds,« since almost invariably there are differences not only between the two major categories but among all four subcategories as well. In addition, the confounding variables of age, sex, levels of education and income, and having or not having children result in even greater chaos."
(Lucile Duberman in Journal of Marriage and the Family vom Februar 1983)



DUBERMAN, Lucile (1983): Singles: Myths and Realities,
in: Journal of Marriage And The Family, Februar, S.240-241


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