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Margaret Adams: Singlefrauen in den USA der 70er Jahre


Margaret Adams in ihrer eigenen Schreibe


ADAMS, Margaret (1971): The Single Woman in Today's Society.
A Reappraisal,
in: American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 41, 5, S. 776-786


Single Blessedness (1976)
Observations on the Single Status in Married Society
London: Heinemann


Eine Vision und eine Definition des Single-Daseins

"Should this millenium dawn, singleness - that is, the living styles that are not based on long-term, exclusive, legally formalized heterosexual relationships - may become the accepted dominant social pattern." (S.18)



1 The Matter Broached

2 Perspectives from Sociology

3 Psychology's Distorting Prism I: "Divided from Herself and Her Fair Judgment"

4 Psychology's Distorting Prism II: "Through Misfortune or Special and Genuine Gifts?"

5 The Intricate Mesh of Solitary Living and Social Commitment

6 The Basic Fabric of Living

7 Beguiling Pastimes

8 The Delicate Toils of Sex

9 The Dumb Beast's Real Role

10 The Cutting Edge of Single Identity I: Speculative Theory

11 The Cutting Edge of Single Identity II: Affirmative Manifestations


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