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Margaret McCarthy: Deutsche Pop-Literatur


Margaret McCarthy in ihrer eigenen Schreibe


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German Pop Literature (2015).
A Companion
De Gruyter



"Pop literature of the 1990s enjoyed bestselling success, as well as an extensive and sometimes bluntly derogatory reception in the press. Since then, less censorious scholarship on pop has emerged to challenge its flash-in-the-pan status by situating the genre within a longer history of aesthetic practices. This volume draws on recent work and its attempts to define the genre, locate historical antecedents and assess pop’s ability to challenge the status quo. Significantly, it questions the ‘official story’ of pop literature by looking beyond Ralf Dieter Brinkmann’s works as origin to those of Jürgen Ploog, Jörg Fauser and Hadayatullah Hübsch. It also remedies the lack of attention to questions of gender in previous pop lit scholarship and demonstrates how the genre has evolved in the new millennium via expanded thematic concerns and new aesthetic approaches. Essays in the volume examine the writing of well-known, established pop authors – such as Christian Kracht, Andreas Neumeister, Joachim Lottman, Benjamin Lebert, Florian Illies, Feridun Zaimoglu and Sven Regener – as well as more recent works by Jana Hensel, Charlotte Roche, Kerstin Grether, Helene Hegemann and songwriter/poet PeterLicht."


Die Beiträge des Sammelbandes

McCARTHY, Margaret - Introduction

Section 1: Historical Roots and Official Stories

STAHL, Enno - An Alternative History of Pop
DIRKE, Sabine von - Under Construction: Andreas Neumeister's Pop Modern Historiographies

Section 2: Alternative Voices and Vantage Points

BAER, Hester - The Pop-Nostalgia of Sven Regener and Leander Haußmann
BREGER, Claudia - Pop-Cultural Camera Interventions: Kanak TV

Section 3: Pop and Gender

KNIGHT, Molly - Bodily Harm: Pop Masculinity in Benjamin Lebert's Crazy and Der Vogel ist ein Rabe
SPIERS, Emily - "There's No Lobby for Girls in Pop": Writing the Performative Popfeminist Subject
KAHNKE, Corinna - Generation Golf Meets Zonenkinder: Gender, (N)ostalgia and the Berlin Republic

Section 4: Pop in the New Millennium

PYE, Gillian - The Party's Over: PeterLicht and the End of Capitalism
SCHMIDT, Gary - Fear of the Queen? On Homosexuality, Masculinity and the Auratic in Christian Kracht's Anti-Pop Pop Novels
SMITH-PREI, Carrie - "Pop Eats Itself": Crisis Discourse, the Literary Market and Pop Performance in Joachim Lottmann's Novels
ERNST, Thomas - Pop vs. Plagiarism: Popliterary Intertextuality, Staged Authorship and the Disappearance of Originality in Helene Hegemann

Pop Literature: A Bibliography


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